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Volunteer trip Phuoc Gia - Quang Nam

Promoting the spirit of student volunteering, on the morning of January 5, 2020, the Student Department of Phan Chau Trinh University organized a volunteer campaign "Spring of Love" in Phuoc Gia commune - Hiep Duc district. - Quang Nam Province. In this campaign, the delegation organized examination, consultation, free medicine distribution for the elderly and children, donated old clothes, awarded scholarships to pupils and gave gifts to households. families with difficult circumstances.

It is known that Phuoc Gia commune is a mountainous commune of Hiep Duc district, the whole commune has more than 1,200 people, with 2 Kinh and Kadong ethnic groups living, of which over 90% of Kadong people, the rate of poor households is still high. , infrastructure is few and not synchronous. Complex mountainous terrain, many rivers and streams, traffic is difficult, especially in the rainy season, extreme weather, prolonged heat, floods often happen ...

With the unanimity and financial support from the school's administrators, teachers of Phan Chau Trinh University, medical doctors, and especially the cooperation of medical students, the campaign was successful outside expectations. Through this campaign, the delegation visited, consulted about health and provided free medicine to more than 350 people in Phuoc Gia commune. On behalf of the students, Mr. Ngo Dac Bin gave 20 gifts to poor students with good academic achievements, 30 gifts to poor families and lonely elderly. In addition, the group also donated clothes and other necessities to give to the people. This program has a profound meaning, in addition to being able to help and partially share with ethnic minorities, this activity also creates a lively practical environment for students to practice. , dedicate and importantly apply the knowledge learned at school through voluntary medical examination and treatment. Through this activity, each student further appreciates the path of the future doctor to save lives and lives they have chosen, contributing to building a dynamic and civilized image of Phan Chau Trinh Medical University students. modern, gratitude.

Through the campaign, the organizers visited, consulted about health and provided free medicine to more than 350 people (over 150 people than expected). But with the efforts of Dr. Vo Phuoc Toan, Dr. Nguyen Thanh Hung, Dr. Truong Dien Long, Dr. Pham Thi Xuan Loc, Dr. Daniel, teachers and students participating in the campaign completed their tasks, leaving a good image of the Uncle. in the hearts of the people in Phuoc Gia commune. Representative of local leaders Mr. Le Van Phu - Vice Chairman of Commune People's Committee, on behalf of all people, thanked the school board for creating the material and spiritual conditions for the delegation to implement the plan. Thank you to the doctors, teachers and students of the delegation for enthusiastically implementing the plan and calling for support of many gifts for the people, we hope Phan Chau Trinh University will continue to organize more Many volunteer activities like this, not only in Phuoc Gia commune but also in many other communes also face difficulties like Phuoc Gia commune.

Some pictures in the charity war: