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Students at Phan Chau Trinh University visited and encouraged 2 families with 2 children who drowned in Duy Xuyen - Quang Nam

The year 2020, a year of epidemics and natural disasters, brings so much loss and grief to Vietnam, in which the dear Central region is struggling to withstand long-lasting griefs. According to the quick report of the Central Steering Committee on natural disaster prevention, rain and flood from October 6 to the end of October 18 in the central provinces claimed 84 lives, 38 people were missing, about 52,933 houses were flooded and 461,627. cattle and poultry died and were swept away. Quang Nam - a place that is suffering the heavy consequences of natural calamities, has caused many years of age and great pain. In particular, the case of two students in the area makes people heartbreaking. At around 8:00 p.m. on October 12, when the floodwaters began to recede, Hua Thi Kieu Vy (SN 2007, 8th grade student) and Hua Dai Cong (SN 2005, grade 10 student) - both lived in Chaozhou village, Duy Phuoc commune - with a group of children going to the street to play. Unfortunately, the two children Vy and Cong fell into the missing flood water. At about 12 noon of the same day, the bodies of the two victims were found one by one, and are now handed over to their families to take care of their affairs.

Receiving that news, the medical students Phan Chau Trinh with the hearts of physicians could not help but be confused and sad. On October 17, the leaders and students organized a visit and were present at the families of the victims to encourage, visit, and support their families. With your sympathy and sincerity, you partly help families of the victims share the pain.


In addition, each citizen, each family needs to raise their awareness of floods to prevent drowning accidents during the rainy season, especially for children and schoolchildren. In order to ensure the health as well as life for children, pay attention and improve drowning prevention action for children.