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Impressions of students in testing department when they first went on duty at Tam Tri Da Nang hospital

Posts felt when going on duty at the hospital during the epidemic season

The story goes on duty in the 19th covid season. These are my own thoughts, a first-year student majoring in medical testing, studying at Phan Chau Trinh University. When I have an assignment schedule, I am very eager but also very concerned about the increasingly complicated epidemic, on the other hand, I feel excited because I have early access to a professional environment at the hospital. , have the opportunity to accumulate experience for the career from an early stage, during the process of being on duty, I have contact with the patients, the doctors have learned more experiences, and many new things. But it is inevitable that the pressures facing a professional, crowded patient environment, always need to be prepared at any time. The thing that I fear the most is when I do not have enough knowledge, do not have enough skills to handle situations occurring in the medical profession. I also think that I will learn gradually, but many times I do not know. Do it or do it wrong, the doctor scolded it would also feel pressure.

But that's just the fear of being on duty during normal days, while on duty at the right time the epidemic across the country is under stress, the storm of acute respiratory infections caused by a new strain of the Corona virus has and Is becoming a worrying problem for not only China but also all countries in the world, including Vietnam, how will it be? Before the assignment schedule, almost all schools took leave to limit the spread of covid 19. After attending school as well as having a schedule, I felt very worried and countless thoughts set out in me. about the worst problem that will happen as a freshman with a duty, worrying that I don't know if I have been properly prepared, fear that the outside environment is an unsafe environment. Not only worried, I myself wonder why I have to go on duty during the epidemic season like this? Isn't going like that only causing more obstacles to the prevention of the epidemic? Because of the rapid increase in the number of cases of covid 19 infection in countries including Vietnam. But when I saw the images of volunteers, the doctors fighting against covid 19, it seemed to me to be relieved. People can do it, people can cope, why can't themselves? As for the 19 covid virus, I believe I only need to follow the instructions such as improving resistance, washing hands regularly, reporting and checking daily body temperature (this is what the school has been doing every day. help me to be assured of this pandemic) from the school as well as the mainstream media, I can prevent the worst case.

I was on duty! At first when I entered the department, I still had a feeling of fear, countless thoughts were placed in my mind, but after starting work for about 30 minutes, I got used to the hospital environment. The feeling of being on duty during the epidemic season is not much different and not as scary as in my thinking, but at that time I still felt like normal days. Everything is still going well, everyone in the hospital from the patient to the physician is following the rules to prevent this epidemic.

She is assigned to be on duty at the hospital laboratory. The department also applies safety procedures this season, such as when taking blood with a full face shield and a full protective glove mask. During the night on duty, I also did daily activities such as taking blood at the emergency department, pediatric department, surgery ... and carrying out testing procedures. The nursing brothers and sisters in the department are very enthusiastic, experienced, enthusiastically instructing how to use the machines, the rules and rules in the department, always creating a comfortable and happy atmosphere, even though you are just Being a freshman has a lot of things I don't know and do wrong, but you always give me the wrong points to tell me and teach me common clinical knowledge to me and to students like me in general.

In addition, when you have time, you will also share practical clinical experiences, teach fully and understandably about the necessary content in work: basic communication skills with patients, blood collection techniques, machine operation procedures ...

Although at the beginning, I was a bit nervous and trembling, but thanks to the careful arrangement of the school, the friendly enthusiasm of the nursing staff in the department, after one day I was accepted. more useful lessons. And I always want to contribute my little effort to repel Corona in particular and other diseases in general.

I would like to thank Phan Chau Trinh University and Tam Tri General Hospital for creating the best conditions for us to study and approach a professional environment early so that we can gradually get acquainted with the works. What we will take on in the future as well as the useful experiences of our predecessors.

Although we go very well, but we still have the foundation subjects of the first years as well as the confusion at the university doorstep, so I hope the school can harmonize the two jobs. Although I know that being a medical student, it is obvious that I have to be on duty and have to go to school in the morning, but it is a bit difficult for a first year student, because we just entered the lifestyle. I cannot adapt immediately, so I will try to change in accordance with this environment, once again I would like to thank Phan Chau Trinh University for creating the most favorable conditions for me.


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