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The library was established right from the first years of establishment of the University, so far, the Library has more than 10 years of service to the needs of teaching, learning, scientific research of lecturers, staff and students of School.

Library resources are abundant and diverse with many sources of books in many different scientific disciplines such as Medicine, Business Administration; Administrative management; Accountant; Finance; Information Technology; Foreign Language; Traveling ... with many different languages ​​such as Vietnamese, English, French ... In addition, the school library also equips computers with Internet connection, free wifi system for students to search for documents to serve. service for learning.

In addition to the resources from books, newspapers, magazines ... the library has also invested in electronic libraries specializing in medicine, these are electronic libraries that are widely used in the world such as Hinari, Uptodate or Ambosss to help students can update information as quickly as possible from Health.

With the abundance of materials, beautiful, airy and quiet space, plus the enthusiasm & professionalism of the staff, we hope the school library is a regular and favorite destination in student's school, faculty / staff, and off-campus readers.



Please read this article to understand more about the origin of Bui Duy Tam library


Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Professors, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Attended the opening ceremony today.

I would like to ask a few lines about the medical life of Mr. Bui Duy Tam. Mr. Bui Duy Tam was born in 1934 in Hanoi. He studied at Hanoi Medical School. In 1954 he went to the South and continued to study Medicine. There, he was sent to study in the United States under the training program for Saigon Medical University.

In 1967, he was appointed Head of Medicine Department - Hue Medical University. The Mau Than Incident in 1968, the Hue Medical Association moved temporarily to Saigon. Afterwards, it was he who took the lead and called former students back to school. From then on, students of Hue Medical School relived until today.


Mr. Bui Duy Tam was given flowers and medals by his two students on the opening day of the first PCTU medical course and this is also his birthday.

In 1972, He stood out and founded the Department of Medicine, Minh Duc Medical School. This was the first private medical school of the South at that time. In 1975, he settled in the United States.

Despite being far from his homeland, he always hurts towards the homeland of the homeland with the belief and desire to contribute to the construction of the country's Medicine.

In 2011, he accepted to be the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Tan Tao University, Long An Province. Along with that hot passion, Thay has built a medical faculty with the desire to train the generation of doctors wholeheartedly.

In 2017, after Phan Chau Trinh University - Quang Nam had a license to open the medical field of the Ministry of Education and Training, he returned to the school and built the medical school as he expected. That is American Medicine - Vietnamese soul.

Mr. Bui Duy Tam is a special Professor of Medicine, aged over 84 years old but very sophisticated in knowledge of Medicine from traditional to modern.

Growing up but the creativity in the job is still very young, he always has innovations at work. Great age but enthusiasm for medical students is very young.

He told us that "I don't have much time left, Phan Chau Trinh University let me devote my strength to be close to the medical students, because when I leave I will no longer owe to that. "

Throughout the life of the Teacher we see only the image of a teacher in the medical environment even though there are things out there. As such, he devoted his life to the cause of medical education for young people.

Today, Phan Chau Trinh University celebrated the opening ceremony of the first medical course of the 2018-2024 school year. He is also the first Dean of the School of Medicine. Today is also the 84th birthday of Thay. We, Master's students, please accept our beautiful bouquet of flowers, respectfully present a medal of honor to the Teacher. And ask his permission to name the library of the University named Bui Duy Tam Library.

Medical teacher BUI DUY TAM. A lifetime of dedication to Medical Education.

Sincerely invite you.



Bs. Nguyen Huu Phung

Bs. Nguyen Huu Tung


Founder of PCT University School of Medicine


Chairman of the Board of Directors PCT University

September 8, 2018