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Tam Tri Quang Nam Hospital is a member of Tam Tri Medical System - a system of medical facilities, operating for many years in the private medical sector in the Quang Nam - Da Nang area.

Associated with the development of Tam Tri Medical System in recent years is the investment in medical facilities such as: Tam Tri Hospital Quang Nam, Phan Chau Trinh General Clinic, Tam Tri General Hospital Da Nang, Dong Thap Tam Tri General Hospital, Nha Trang Tam Tri General Hospital and is currently building Phan Chau Trinh Medical University Institute.


    With more than 10 years of operation in the private medical field, the leaders of Quang Nam Tam Tri Hospital always want to build a system of modern medical facilities, providing high quality medical services and the best methods. Advanced treatment methods for people at the most reasonable cost.

Quang Nam Tam Tri Hospital officially went into operation in May 2019 with all the following specialties: Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, Emergency Resuscitation, Surgical Anesthesia, Ear, Nose and Throat, Eyes, and Molars Facial, Dermatology, Traditional Medicine, Rehabilitation, Testing, Imaging Diagnosis, Functional Exploration, ... The hospital has 250 inpatient beds, outpatient examination and treatment capacity of up to 1,000 visits examination/1 day. Equipment and facilities are invested synchronously and modernly... along with a team of experienced and well-trained doctors, promising to bring safety and accuracy in diagnosis and treatment. . Tam Tri Quang Nam Hospital always focuses on improving service quality through the smallest things. On every floor of the hospital, there will be customer service staff to guide, advise, and support patient care. Hospital hygiene issues, added services are always focused…

Especially, hospital leaders always focus on the application of information technology in hospital management. Patient's medical records will be stored by electronic medical record software. Thereby, helping doctors can monitor and evaluate the patient's condition, in order to improve the quality of treatment. Tam Tri will apply a number of technologies in reminding patients to schedule follow-up visits, instructing patients to take medication, as well as checking their medical history information on the mobile app,...

With the motto "Devoted to patients", Tam Tri General Hospital of Quang Nam promises to be a reliable destination for medical examination and treatment for the people.


Vision: To meet all patient treatment needs over a decade and serve as a foundation for meeting customer healthcare demands in the subsequent period.

Mission: The intelligence and hearts of healthcare professionals at Tam Tri are always focused on their patients.

Work Culture:

  • Professional ethics are paramount.
  • Determined and humble style.
  • Continuous professional development.
  • Characteristics: Self-esteem - Listening - Sharing. These qualities form the culture of Tam Tri.

Philosophy: "All for the patient" is manifested in the accurate diagnosis and successful treatment provided by Tam Tri.


  •  253 Dien Bien Phu, Nam Phuoc Town, Duy Xuyen, Quang Nam Province
  • Tel : 02353 776 888 - Emergency: 02353 776 115
  • Email :
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