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Tam Tri Dong Thap General Hospital

Established in 2007, Tam Tri Dong Thap General Hospital is a member of the TMMC Healthcare Group, located in Cao Lanh city, the center of Dong Thap province in the northern part of the Mekong Delta region, adjacent to Cambodia.

Since its establishment, the hospital has grown rapidly and become one of the leading hospitals in the region. The hospital currently operates with 100 beds, 7 operating rooms, and 15 examination rooms, serving hundreds of outpatient visits every day. Each month, the hospital receives thousands of patients from other provinces in the Mekong Delta region and patients from Cambodia for examination and treatment.

Tam Tri Dong Thap General Hospital is recognized for its excellent specialties, including Internal Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics, Pediatrics, as well as specialized fields such as Phaco eye surgery, Ear-Nose-Throat, Urology, Artificial Kidney, Endoscopic Surgery, Colorectal, and Gastrointestinal specialties. With modern medical equipment of regional scale, such as an 80-slice CT scanner, digital X-ray, 3D-4D ultrasound, Phacoemulsification eye surgery, endoscopic surgery, and comprehensive laboratory tests including hematology, biochemistry, and immunology. The hospital always strives to provide the best healthcare services to patients.



Vision: To meet all patient treatment needs over a decade and serve as a foundation for meeting customer healthcare demands in the subsequent period.

Mission: The intelligence and hearts of healthcare professionals at Tam Tri are always focused on their patients.

Work Culture:

  • Professional ethics are paramount.
  • Determined and humble style.
  • Continuous professional development.
  • Characteristics: Self-esteem - Listening - Sharing. These qualities form the culture of Tam Tri.

Philosophy: "All for the patient" is manifested in the accurate diagnosis and successful treatment provided by Tam Tri.

Tam Tri Dong Thap General Hospital:
700 - National Highway 30, My Tan Commune, Cao Lanh City, Dong Thap Province
Phone: +84 2773 875 993 - 2773 875 945
Fax: +84 2773 875 946