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Today, on November 9, 2019, the Organizing Committee of the contest "Medical profession and the doctor" awarded the winners at the conference hall of Phan Chau Trinh University. Attending the award ceremony were a lot of medical students and many lecturers in the school attended. The writing contest "Medical industry and the doctor" aims to create an environment for students to show their affection and gratitude to teachers who are doctors who have given them lessons in learning as well as From there, it helps students to continue nurturing the spirit of passion for learning, creativity, striving to study in order to become a Doctor with good expertise and compassion. The contest is an opportunity for students to speak out their voices. Expressing what they want, helping them to be aware of the role of the Doctor and their learning goals, and at the same time helping the school to meet their learning needs.


Representative of the school administrators, TS.BS. Nguyen Do Ngoc Linh - Head of Training Department is very excited to award flags and prizes to congratulate the winners. The school's desire is to create both talented and virtuous doctors to dedicate themselves in the path of healing the sick.


Please allow 1 excerpt from the first prize winning article from the contest: “When there is Tam Duc: The doctor will give the patient a feeling of joy and youthfulness, the patient will quickly recover and then the doctor will true to the sentence: "Medicine is the same as the sample". With Tri: the doctor will save the patient and give them a good life. With foreign languages ​​and knowledgeable in technology, doctors will acquire and talk with colleagues around the world to find out the best treatment for the patient. When humility and solidarity let go of the ego, it will bring the patient the best treatment and a sustainable medical development. Thus, doctors will help the society to develop economically as well as to recognize the right ethics in today's society, and the society at that time is very beautiful and worth living. ”