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In order to share the difficulties of people in floodplain areas in Quang Nam, on October 17 and 18, 2020, students from Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Testing Technology, English Language and Doctors Tam Tri General Hospital system organized volunteer trips to share difficulties with people in floodplains in 3 provinces of Quang Nam, including: Dai Minh commune - Dai Loc district, Duy Vinh commune - Duy Xuyen district and Cam commune. Kim - Hoi An City. The delegation went directly to the locality to hand over 300 gifts to people to support people in need, severely affected by the floods.

Pham Hoang Anh, student of year 20YK1, shared “The trip was very helpful and brought me a lot of new emotions and experiences. Seeing people living in flood waters for so many days, I feel myself even luckier than many others. That is why, I always want to have this kind of charity trip to share and alleviate a little loss to people in floodplain areas, at the same time I also want to experience the difficulties people are suffering. feel, share and understand more. Especially, when I went to do volunteer work like this, wading through the muddy water, although my hands and feet were very tired, but when I was given the gifts to my relatives, I felt the fatigue like being erased. I am very thankful to the school for having such helpful and humanistic sessions. I hope the school will launch more volunteer sessions like this so that we can encourage people in difficult areas ”.

Nguyen Van Manh 20RHM student: “I feel this activity is very meaningful. To directly visit and encourage people in difficult circumstances. Despite being tired, the whole team was eager and full of enthusiasm to help people in less fortunate circumstances. And I hope the school organizes many volunteer trips like this so that we can improve our understanding and keep beautiful memories of our student days. Thank you to all the teachers and you guys for completing the trip well ”.

The volunteer donation to Quang Nam people of students, doctors and teachers of Phan Chau Trinh University has been successfully completed. Phan Chau Trinh University wishes to contribute a little effort to support and share the loss with the people who are struggling with the harshness of nature.

Some pictures from the volunteer trip