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Sense of responsibility to the community

The COVID-19 epidemic is still complex in many provinces and cities, including Da Nang and Quang Nam where Phan Chau Trinh University is located. The frontline forces involved in epidemic prevention and control are working tirelessly day and night with the common goal of reducing the risk of community transmission and returning life to normal.

From the early days of the outbreak in Da Nang, many students from Phan Chau Trinh University were the first to volunteer to guard at checkpoints and quarantine areas. Recognizing their role as medical students equipped with comprehensive knowledge of epidemiology, transmission mechanisms, and infection control skills, they took the initiative and were ready to join the frontline forces. They managed their personal schedules to ensure time for studying at the university, clinical internships at hospitals, and guarding duties. Amidst the scorching heat of July, wearing full protective gear that made breathing difficult at times, they remained determined to control and prevent the spread of the disease. They felt a sense of joy in their efforts, no matter how small, knowing that they were contributing significantly to the common goal.

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Student Le Tran Dai from the 18YK1 class shared: "Before going, I talked to my mother, who is also a doctor and is currently on duty at a COVID-19 treatment facility in Binh Dinh. She asked me several questions related to epidemiology, transmission mechanisms, and measures to reduce the risk of infection when participating. After hearing my clear and coherent answers, my mother was very pleased and encouraged me to join. Although it was tiring due to the workload and the hot weather while wearing protective gear, when I saw the orderly lines of people waiting to be tested, and the worried look in the eyes of the local residents, all my fatigue and discomfort disappeared."

The university, families, and society are always proud of these students, believing that they live with a sense of responsibility to the community, to society, and to themselves, deserving to be the future doctors.