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Participating in supporting COVID-19 vaccination for students in Dien Ban town

This morning, a team of doctors, healthcare staff, and medical students from Phan Chau Trinh University participated in health screening and COVID-19 vaccination for 750 students at Pham Phu Thu High School in Dien Ban.

COVID-19 vaccination activities are being widely implemented by many schools. This morning, at Pham Phu Thu High School in Dien Ban, vaccination was conducted for 750 students by Phan Chau Trinh University Medical School. This is a great opportunity for medical students to experience community engagement. The participating students were divided into three groups with the following tasks:

Group 1: 1st-year medical students - providing medical support, measuring body temperature, and checking for special medical conditions (high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, and other emergency cases).

Group 2: 2nd-year medical students - checking vital signs, assisting in organizing screenings and examinations.

Group 3: 3rd-year medical students - conducting clinical examinations before vaccination, together with the school's doctors.

All activities of the three groups were closely supervised by faculty members who are doctors and healthcare staff of the university.

The opportunity for students to have internships and practical experiences starting from the first year is a significant advantage, as it helps them gain confidence, apply their knowledge to real cases, and engage in patient consultations. Through this internship session, the medical students from PCTU have demonstrated the rigorous training environment that instills a sense of responsibility and awareness. As a result, the vaccination process went smoothly and quickly.

Below are some images of the activities:

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