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The physician donated blood 11 times to the patient

“Hardly there is a picture as beautiful and moving as the image of people taking their blood to keep others alive! Dr. Tung of our hospital is not 1 but 11 blood transfusions for patients already! It's rare for such a person.

That is the honest and admirable comment of his colleagues for him. Doctor Nguyen Huu Tung, Head Hospital Dai Loc General Hospital.

Ever since he was a medical student in Hue, he was very passionate about his career, liked to go to the hospital. Being in contact with the patient, the humanitarian of professional conscience is growing gradually in that future doctor. Just a student, he bravely donated his blood three times to save the patient's life.

In 1979, after completing his undergraduate program, he was assigned to work in pediatrics - Da Nang General Hospital. With a passion for learning, a love of career, and a dedication to patients, he became a skilled pediatrician and trusted by the hospital. Here, doctor Nguyen Huu Tung 5 times again donated blood to the patient.

Meet him at Dai Loc General Hospital as a chief doctor who often visits patients like other specialized doctors. Asked why in Da Nang is close to home, living conditions and working conditions are full, why did not he stay but come here to work hard. He confided: “When I was at the Danang General Hospital, there was a sister from Dai Lanh holding the baby who only had a fever and had to go to Danang for emergency care! ... how difficult and costly ... My children kept getting more and more patients in Dai Loc, at that time I did not know how far or near Dai Lanh was, how Dai Loc was, but I think the district hospital well organized medical examination and treatment for the people. Surely that common diseases like the woman's baby did not have to go that far. Knowing that Dai Loc was short of people, I volunteered to come here with the thought of how to organize the pediatric department so that mothers are less strenuous ”.

He went to Dai Loc in this land of midland with many deprivations with such real thoughts. By working and living in harmony with his brothers, the team and the leadership trust him with the heavy responsibility of the hospital head.

At Dai Loc hospital, no one could forget the condition of Ms. Nguyen Thi Lan from Quang Doi who suffered severe stomach bleeding. When she brought to the hospital, the patient was in critical condition. Or another case of 2 children - 1 with liver abscess, 1 pleural pus, the patient's life is in danger, the patient needs immediate blood transfusion, but the hospital has no blood left ... No delay ... With his bloodline, Dr. Tung saved the patient's life.

Regarding his work, he said quietly and simply: “A human being is not afraid of illness, but for me the most frightening disease is the disease without conscience, the disease irresponsible. There is no sin worse than the crime of letting the patient die in a state of life that can be saved ”.

Seven years medical student, 7 years career, doctor Nguyen Huu Tung 11 times donated blood to save the patient's life.

The patient here said about him: “We are very thankful to Dr. Tung. We are reassured by Dr. Tung's treatment. That is the biggest reward the people have given to him - The socialist physician.

Source: Nguyên Hằng (Đài truyền hình Đại Lộc) - 03.1985

Excerpt from the book Flower blooming everyday - Department of Culture and Information of Quang Nam - Da Nang