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Excited about the open-air classroom at Phan Chau Trinh University.

By making use of the trees, grassy areas, flower pots, professors, and students at Phan Chau Trinh University, the open-air classrooms have created a highly enthusiastic and vibrant learning environment, stimulating the development of critical thinking. They provide professors and students with fresh experiences in a friendly, intimate, and exciting learning space.


The students are excitedly engaging in discussions during their English classes.

The university covers an area of over 60,000 square meters, with more than 60% dedicated to green spaces including trees, flowers, and grass. The university has maximized the use of these green areas to facilitate outdoor learning and research activities. Additionally, the highly qualified and innovative faculty members have made significant changes in their teaching methods to inspire and motivate students in their learning journey.


The campus is spacious and green, providing a refreshing and pleasant environment.

By breaking free from the confines of traditional, rigid concrete walls, the outdoor classes at Phan Chau Trinh University have brought about positive outcomes. The open and expansive environment, coupled with a variety of practical activities, stimulates observational skills. Removing the barriers of desks and chairs also nurtures students' emotional connection with nature, encourages cooperative habits, and fosters a culture of mutual learning.



The open-air classrooms at Phan Chau Trinh University stimulate creative thinking abilities within the spacious and open environment.

At Phan Chau Trinh University, students have access to spacious and open natural spaces that are ideal for self-study or group assignments. This allows students to engage in effective learning and organize extracurricular and specialized activities in various locations throughout the campus. The availability of these natural and open areas provides a conducive environment for both academic and non-academic pursuits, enhancing the overall learning experience for students at the university.



Phan Chau Trinh University provides ample opportunities for students to independently organize study groups and exchange knowledge.

With the open and conducive learning environment, students can gather in various natural spaces on campus to form study groups and engage in knowledge-sharing activities.

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