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Perhaps these words are dedicated to N.M.C: Many choose a quiet life but leave a lasting impact on the world. Your noble sacrifice will be a heroic ballad with a gentle melody and profound emotions

A Model of Effort and Devotion

N.M.C, a student majoring in Information Technology at a local university in Da Nang, recently passed away due to a serious illness.. Despite being born with fragile health, he strived to live to the fullest and become an Information Technology student at a university. Perhaps becoming a software engineer is the biggest dream of C's life, when he sees his diligently going to school every day in an old wheelchair.

Beyond being a determined student with dreams, N.M.C was a young man with a humane and noble mindset. He had expressed to his family his desire to donate his body to medical research and discover life-saving methods for patients with rare diseases like himself.

Chau and His Family's Noble Sacrifice

At the age of 17, C desired to register as an organ donor for medical research. However, at that time, he was not old enough to make such a significant decision, so registering  remained a painful dilemma for him. Until today, as a mature student, he made the decision with the consent of his entire family.

It is even more meaningful as not only C but also his entire family registered as body donation for medical research during his funeral.

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Phan Chau Trinh University - Preserving the Values of "Silent teachers"

With the desire to donate C and his family's bodies to medical research, Phan Chau Trinh University has accepted and expressed gratitude, admiration, and respect for their decision. This noble gesture from Chau and his family holds great significance for the medical research profession and the training of future doctors. It also helps people understand and become more open to the idea of body donation for medical purposes.

After the funeral, Phan Chau Trinh University will receive C corpse and formally accept the body donation form registration from his family. This act is not only noble but also picture of the times, depicting a happy home with compassionate individuals.

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