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PCTU organizes the first scientific seminar on Microbiology

Today, 11/11/2018, the Faculty of Medicine - Phan Chau Trinh University held a scientific conference with the topic "Resistance to current antibiotics and modern clinical microbiological solutions". The workshop focused on research and practical issues related to antibiotic resistance in the current situation and modern clinical microbiological solutions.

The workshop attracted the participation of nearly 150 doctors, clinical and paraclinical experts, hospital managers at the provincial and district levels in the Central Highlands, South Central Coast and lecturers, Medical student of Phan Chau Trinh University. Reporting at the seminar were reporters from Phan Chau Trinh University, City University of Medicine and Pharmacy. HCMC, Cho Ray Hospital - City. HCM, Hospital C Da Nang, Da Nang Oncology Hospital.

The goal of the school is to link scientific research with clinical application. Therefore, from the beginning, the university has established a Center of Research and Application of Gene in Bio-medicine (CRAGBM). The center focuses on research on infections, drug-resistant bacteria in tuberculosis, pneumonia, obstructive pneumonia, hepatitis B, C, H. pylori stomach ulcers. perform early detection tests for cervical cancer risks, prenatal testing, genetics, parasitic mobility and evaluate the effectiveness of stem cell use in the treatment of osteoarthritis and urinary tract sugar ... by quantitative telomer cells. All the above tests are done by modern clinical testing methods with the equipment that the center has equipped.

It is hoped that Phan Chau Trinh University with the Center for Genetic Research and Application in Biomedical Medicine will play a leading role in biomedical research and application not only in Quang Nam but also in the Central region of Vietnam. our country.

Readers can download the full workshop brochure here

Here are some photos at the event:

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hoithao11-11_03 hoithao11-11_04
hoithao11-11_05 hoithao11-11_06


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