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A mixture of warm water, lemon, honey when you wake up helps purify the body, is good for digestion, and effectively cures coughs.

Medical physician Bui Dac Sang, Academy of Science and Technology, said lemons are rich in vitamin C, sour, cool, heat, cough, digestive benefits. Both the peel and the seeds of the lemon can be used as medicine. The peel is bitter, fragrant, and fragrant, has a cold, ventilating effect, sputum consumption, and coughing up phlegm.

Honey is both a dish and a medicine, and has many uses in life and medicine. Honey is sweet, neutral, non-toxic, has the function of detoxifying, laxative, and conditioning of other medicinal herbs.

According to the medical documents, honey is known for its use of spleen nutrition, treating chronic coughs, coughing up blood, detoxifying, detoxifying ... Honey has high antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. , is capable of preventing respiratory infections, coughing, sore throat ... Some studies prove, the effectiveness of honey is higher than many common cough medicines.

Fresh lemon mixture - honey mixed in the morning is very healthy, has very good antibacterial properties, often used to treat sore throats, cough when it gets cold. According to morning medicine, honey should be mixed with warm water, because cold water affects the digestive system in the stomach. Do not drink too much at once, but take small sips.

How to prepare: Squeeze half a fresh lemon, 1-2 teaspoons of honey, mix with a cup of warm water. You can wash the lemon juice, soak it in salt water for about 30 minutes, let it dry, then slice it thinly, put it in a jar. Add a layer of honey to a lemon layer, add a pinch of salt. Every morning, draw 3-4 tablespoons into a cup, mixed with warm water to drink. According to morning doctor, should mix the lemon peel to get the best results.

Should drink honey lemon juice before brushing. When choosing honey, you need to observe carefully to buy pure honey, avoid using counterfeit products that will cause side effects when using.

Uống nước ấm pha mật ong và chanh mỗi buổi sáng để cơ thể khỏe mạnh. Ảnh: Pinterest

Drink warm water mixed with honey and lemon every morning to stay healthy. Image: Pinterest

In addition to making warm water, the lemon mixture soaked with honey is good for coughing. How to do: Slice the lemon peach into thin slices, put in a washed glass jar. Crushed alum sugar, sprinkle a layer of sugar for every layer of lemon. Then put the honey in the jar, take the blister of lemon juice down. Preserving honey lemon jar in a dry place for 10-15 days, used every morning and evening will see a remarkable effect in preventing the cough from recurring.

Experts say 100 g of honey contains about 81.3% of sugar and ingredients such as water, protein, calcium, phosphorus, other trace minerals ... Want to drink honey to enhance health can take about 5 ml a day.

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