Friendly football match between Phan Chau Trinh University and Oslo University - Norway

As part of a series of exchange activities and soft skills training of Phan Chau Trinh University. On the afternoon of September 25 in Hoi An city, a soccer match took place between students of the foreign language department, the Faculty of Medicine of Phan Chau Trinh University and the students of the University of Oslo - Norway. This is one of the activities to create a healthy playground, exchange learning for students and create an environment for PCTU students to practice communication skills, improve English skills, and strengthen relationships. international cooperation between domestic and foreign universities. At the same time, improving the spirit of physical training and sports, physical training and solidarity of students.

Attending the exchange match were teachers, students of the faculties, and a lot of fans were students of both universities. The players of the two teams gave the audience beautiful plays, exciting matches, chasing the score between the two teams.

The match was very interesting, both sides played with a pair. So it created a rain of goals. The showdown ended with a 5-5 score in the joy of Vietnamese –Na Uy solidarity and friendship.

The success of this exchange match, in addition to the formal organization, the attention of the administrators of both sides and especially the enthusiastic cheers of all fans of the two universities. Thereby, it was found that all the students had moments of entertainment, creating a comfortable spirit after stressful lessons. The soccer exchange match has created a healthy, rewarding playground to improve the spirit of physical training and sports for the children, but also a place for the two universities to bond and get closer together. After this exchange match, hopefully the two schools will always unite, stick together more in learning and cultural exchange.





The teachers are the teachers and lecturers of the two schools are also very excited


The players have contributed many good and no less dramatic plays

Friendly football match is a part of the exchange program of the two schools to create conditions to promote communication skills, life skills while bringing excitement and improving health.


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