Cancer horrors from familiar kitchen appliances

Monday, 21/12/2020, 08:22 GMT+7

It is hard to believe that this familiar item is the main cause of cancer all members of a family.



A Beijing health show frightened the public by revealing the uncontrolled growth of the cancer. There are 4-member families, all 4 of whom have cancer. This condition is collectively referred to as "family cancer".

Surprisingly, all members of these cancer families do not have the bad habits or genetic diseases associated with cancer. Based on research and investigations by experts, it was found that these cancer families have a common feature that all have the same habits of using wooden boards.

Wooden cutting boards are indispensable items in the kitchen. With a moderate thickness, softness, wooden cutting boards are perfect for chopping meat or cutting hard foods. However, the biggest disadvantage of the wooden cutting board is that it is difficult to clean, absorb moisture well, and dry. For a long time, it will cause mold and become a favorable growth environment for dangerous bacteria.


The biggest downside of the wooden cutting board is that it is difficult to clean, absorbs moisture well, and dries long

When cutting or cutting food on the cutting board, debris will stick to the top of the cutting board. Over time these will change into dangerous bacteria for the body. In which, mycotoxins aflatoxin produced from mold is considered the most dangerous.

Aflatoxin produces biochemical effects on cells leading to teratogenicity and cancer. Aflatoxin is also considered to be the most powerful carcinogen. If 2.5mg aflatoxin is absorbed in 89 days, only 1 year later the human body will develop liver cancer symptoms.

Remarkably, normal cleaning cannot wash away aflatoxin either. Aflatoxin withstands very high temperatures up to more than 280 degrees C so boiling water boiling method is completely useless.

To prevent disease, everyone must master the most scientific cleaning methods.


1. Use vinegar or lemon: After cutting the fish meat, the bad smell on the cutting board is difficult to clean. We only need to use sour vinegar or lemon to remove odors and sterilize. After using, rub the vinegar on the cutting board, use a clean towel to wipe the cutting board face several times before rinsing it with clean water. Put the cutting board in a clean, dry place.

2. Use salt: Dip the cutting board in clean water and spread a thin layer of salt on the cutting board. Only half an hour later rinse with clean water.

3. Use ginger: After washing the cutting board, use a small piece of ginger to scrub the cutting board face. Rinse off with water and then clean again. This can remove odors and kill bacteria on the cutting board.

4. Sun exposure: This is an extremely simple but very effective measure. After cleaning the cutting board clean, dry it in the sun.

5. Classification of cutting boards: If possible, buy a variety of cutting boards for each purpose. Including chopping boards, cutting boards for raw / cooked foods, vegetable cutting boards ...

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