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CME that meets your US State Requirements
CME on Substance Use Disorders and Addiction to Meet New DEA Requirements
Skin Lesions, Foot Drop, and Hand Contractures
  1. Incubate skin biopsy specimen on chocolate agar
  2. Obtain serologic testing for M leprae phenolic glycolipid 1
  3. Send skin biopsy specimen to the US National Hansen’s Disease Program for PCR testing
  4. Treat with dapsone, rifampin, and clofazimine
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Black Tongue DiscolorationYasuhiro Kano, MD

1 Credit   |    May 12, 2023

A Patient With Diabetes and Spontaneous Blistering of the Right Lower ExtremityMadeline DeWane, MD; Daniela Kroshinsky, MD, MPH

1 Credit   |    March 24, 2023

Abdominal Pain and Hypotension in a 70-Year-Old WomanFrancesco Pata, MD, PhD; Giovanni Stamati, MD; Bruno Nardo, MD, PhD

1 Credit   |    April 21, 2023

A Man With Asymptomatic Ulcerated White Plaques on the Soft PalateShuni Ying, MD; Sheng Li, MD; Jianjun Qiao, MD, PhD

1 Credit   |    February 2, 2023

Heart Failure, Neuropathy, and Spinal StenosisOmar A. Welleman, MD; Yvonne C. Schrama, MD, PhD; Henk-Jan Boiten, MD, PhD

1 Credit   |    June 22, 2023

Abdominal Pain and Petechial Rash in a 95-Year-Old FarmerRino Kadekaru, MD; Hiroyuki Yano, MD; Mitsuyo Kinjo, MD, MPH

1 Credit   |    April 14, 2023

Diffuse Cutaneous EruptionKatharina S. Shaw, MD; Stephanie Sanchez-Melendez, BS; Ruth Ann Vleugels, MD, MPH, MBA

1 Credit   |    June 12, 2023

Patient With Pulmonary Symptoms, Dysphagia, and Raynaud DiseaseAisha Ghias, MD, PA-C, MSc, MPH; Shalinee Chawla, MD; Priya Agarwala, MD

1 Credit   |    July 27, 2023

Radiographic Absence of the Left Humeral HeadAdam D. Roche, MD; Orla C. Sheehan, MD, PhD

1 Credit   |    July 14, 2023

A Child With Large Pulmonary and Liver CystsYuelin Shen, MD, PhD; Wenbo Yu, MD; Penggao Wang, MD

1 Credit   |    July 7, 2023


Prescribing Opioids for PainMim Ari, MD; Jason T. Alexander, MD; George Weyer, MD

1 Credit   |    April 24, 2023

Stool-Based Screening Tests for Colorectal CancerJohn M. Carethers, MD

1 Credit   |    February 17, 2023

Home Sleep Apnea Testing for the Diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep ApneaScott Hoff, MD; Nancy Collop, MD

1 Credit   |    January 10, 2023

Diagnosis and Management of PrediabetesJustin B. Echouffo-Tcheugui, MD, PhD; Leigh Perreault, MD; Linong Ji, MD; et al

1 Credit   |    April 11, 2023

Management of Thoracic Aortic DissectionIrbaz Hameed, MD; Adam S. Cifu, MD; Prashanth Vallabhajosyula, MD, MS

1 Credit   |    February 16, 2023

Review of Borderline Personality DisorderFalk Leichsenring, DSc; Nikolas Heim, MA, MSc; Frank Leweke, MD; et al

1 Credit   |    February 28, 2023

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