Nitric Oxide and other medical contributions over 2 decades

Friday, 11/12/2020, 08:19 GMT+7

Since the American scientists discovered Nitric Oxide benefits heart health in 1998, until now, they have been used to treat many dangerous diseases.

The discovery of American scientists on the role of Nitric Oxide in the human body to improve cardiovascular health won the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine. Since then, it opens a series of studies on this special compound. in disease treatment and physiological enhancement. Most recently, scientists at Uppsala University (Sweden) also found that they can be antiviral, supporting Covid-19 treatment.

Nitric Oxide is beneficial for the heart

In 1998, for the first time in history, this compound was known to regulate blood vessels, reduce the formation of blood clots, and aid in cardiovascular protection. At that time, scientists and the public were very surprised because they only knew that this was a natural gas, unexpectedly born and existed in the body, holding the activity. of vital organ system is the blood vessel. These are considered "drugs" naturally present in the body.

This research becomes a step forward in the field of medicine, widely used and opens up treatment methods related to blood vessel diseases such as myocardial ischemia, stroke, hypertension ...

Cardiologists recommend that one of the ways to prevent cardiovascular disease is to understand the mechanism of Nitric Oxide production to find ways to stimulate the body to produce the necessary amount of Nitric Oxide, to ensure the muscle function. can take place stably. Over the past 20 years, millions of patients around the world have had a healthy cardiovascular system, improved their quality of life, and avoided death thanks to the application of this compound.

Historical research paves the way for a series of in-depth studies in Spain, Italy, the US ... discovering many roles of Nitric Oxide for different organ systems (respiratory system, immune system, nervous system, eyesight, dermatology ...). Specifically, they participate in nerve conduction processes, protect neurons of the nervous system; participates in antiviral and infectious disease control of the immune system ...

Antiviral effect

In the therapeutic field, Nitric Oxide is used to aid in the treatment of respiratory failure in preterm infants; some lung diseases, bronchial asthma.

Most recently, scientists at Uppsala University (Sweden) have discovered that this gas can support Covid-19 treatment based on its antiviral properties, research published in the journal Redox Biology. "To our knowledge, Nitric Oxide is the only substance so far that has had a direct impact on nCoV," said Professor Åke Lundkvist, head of the study.


Nitric Oxide has antiviral properties, being studied for the treatment of pneumonia. Source Livesciences.

The ability to fight infection by antibacterial, antiviral properties is of interest to researchers. According to scientists at Uppsala University, in acute lung failure, the compound can be used in the form of inhaled gas, at low concentrations, to increase the level of oxygen saturation in the blood. During the 2003 SARS outbreak, this therapy was successfully tested, and the inflammation in the patient's lungs decreased.

The use of Nitric Oxide in the treatment of Covid-19 patients is under further investigation. According to CNBC (USA), researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (USA), University of Alabama (UK) are also performing tests whether inhaled Nitric Oxide can help treat patients with nCoV or not. .

Based on the working principle as well as the body's ability to produce this compound on its own, scientists have studied the mechanism that helps the body to produce endogenous Nitric Oxide. Once this concentration in the body is at a stable level, the diseases related to the blood vessels, even the problem of erectile dysfunction, will improve.

Improve male physiology

Nitric Oxide plays an important role in the development of ED drugs. According to studies, they have the effect of helping smooth muscles in the walls of blood vessels relax, thereby, the artery lumen expands, stimulates blood circulation to the penis, making the erection process fast, strong, and durable. than.

After a long period of research at the molecular medicine level, American scientists have discovered precious essence, which stimulates the body to produce endogenous Nitric Oxide from Pycnogenol extracted by French sea pine. (combined with L-Arginine).

New Alipas is one of the products containing Pycnogenol from French sea pine (combined with L-Arginine) to increase Nitric Oxide, thereby helping men to overcome erectile dysfunction and physiological problems. Source: Shutterstock.

Research at Medical University (Bulgaria) on two groups of men in Bulgaria showed that, after a month, the group using Pycnogenol with L-Arginine had a significant increase in Nitric Oxide while the placebo group showed. almost unchanged.

According to Professor, Dr. Tran Quan Anh, President of the Vietnam Association of Sexual Medicine, recent studies show that Pycnogenol is a rare and special essence extracted from French sea pine, when combined with L-Arginine. has the effect of promoting endogenous Nitric Oxide synthesis by endothelial cells. When this concentration increases and reaches a stable level, it supports the effective expansion of blood vessel walls, helps blood flow to the penis faster and more, making the erection process quick, durable and safe. fuller.


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