Board of Scientific Counselors

The Board of Scientific Counselors of Phan Chau Trinh University consists of Professors, Scientific Doctors and specialists in health management and education. The Board members are outstanding professionals with great experience in medicines education, in Vietnam and in the world. The board would counsel the institute on the domain of learning, training strategies and programs, to comply with the quality training goal. The board also helps building and verifying the strategy to enhance the training of lecturers, especially the young lecturers. It contributes ideas to build investment strategies, to improve the university facilities, to shape the development path of the departments. It advises on scientific research plan, approval and verification of research topics, and on many other areas that the college needs consulting. 

The Board of Scientific Counselors of Phan Chau Trinh University was formed in 2018, originally consisted of 9 members, and elected Doctor Pham Hung Van to be the Board Chairman. Its members have a meeting once every quarter.

Below are members of the Board of Scientific Counselors:

bui-duy-tam   Prof. Bui Duy Tam, PhD, MD
Former Dean of Faculty of Medicine - Hue University of Medicine
Former Dean of Faculty of Medicine - Minh Duc University
Dean of Faculty of Medicine - Phan Chau Trinh University
truong-dinh-kiet   Prof. Truong Dinh Kiet, PhD, MD
Former Vice President of HCMC Medicine and Pharmacy University
Director of Medical Genetic Institutes
nguyen-sao-trung   Prof. Nguyen Sao Trung, PhD, MD
Former Dean of Faculty of Medicine - HCMC Medicine and Pharmacy University
Former Head of Pathology Department - HCMC Medicine and Pharmacy University
le-van-cuong   Prof. Le Van Cuong, PhD, MD
Former Head of Anatomy Department - HCMC Medicine and Pharmacy University
phan-thanh-hai   Dr Phan Thanh Hai
Director of MEDIC - Hoa Hao Center, Ho Chi Minh City
bs-nguyen-huu-phung   Dr Nguyen Huu Phung
Former Head of Pediatric Surgery Department - Da Nang Hospital
Specialist Advisor - Tam Tri Da Nang Hospital
jessica   Prof. Jessica Anne Clarke, MD, PhD
Forensic Psychiatry, Private Consulting
Assistant Professor, Oregon Health & Science University
Correctional Telemedicine, Department of Public Psychiatry
AIDS Clinic, Department of Internal Medicine
Evans   Christopher D. Evans, MD, MPH, AAHIVM
Assistant Professor, Division of General Internal Medicine and Geriatrics
Division of Infectious Diseases-Special Focus on HIV
Oregon Health Sciences University
Portland, OR
Kelly   Prof. Patricia E. Kelly, MHS, Ed.D
Consultant, North Country Community Mental Health
Program Director, Doctor of Health Science Program (retired 2016)
Professor of Health Science
Nova Southeastern University
Wilson   Gilbert Anthony Wilson, MD
General Medicine - Family Practice
Clinical Instructor for Medical Students & Residents at UCSF
Former Chief Medical Officer at California State Hospital
Frank   Prof. Erica Frank, MD, MPH
Professor & Canada Research Chair, University of British Columbia
Founder & President,
Principal Investigator, Healthy Doc = Healthy Patient
Research Director, Annenberg Physician Training Program
JohnNguyen     John Nguyen
Global Executive MBA
Senior Adviser of American Pacific International Capital Inc.