PCTU Medical English Club - “No Pain, No Gain !”

English is now an international language used regularly in life, in work and study. Students' English proficiency affects their study, document research, graduate work as well as their position in the workplace. Therefore, being equipped with English has become an indispensable need for students.

Phan Chau Trinh University has established an English Club to create an environment where students can learn, have fun, exchange, practice and improve their English. The club provides an opportunity for students to realize the importance of English in work, career and life, thereby helping students to love English and practice English regularly while still in school. This is also a place where members can exchange specialized content of different fields of study and research in English to meet the school's bilingual program. Joining the club not only improves English skills, but also enhances their knowledge of culture, society, science and technology, and other academic fields.

The club was officially operational yesterday March 20, 2019, and will be held regularly at 5:00 p.m. every Wednesday. Each meeting is associated with a topic. Themes can be chosen by the Club Management Board from the recommendations of members and students or proposed by the Club Manager.

The club received the special attention and support of Dr. Nguyen Do Ngoc Linh - School of Training. At the events, Ms. Linh will attend and guide and correct the mistakes they make.

Club activities in many forms such as:
- Organize seminars to create active communication in English and practice critical thinking.
- Organize a writing test in English to increase writing skills.
- Organize English thematic reports for students to develop writing skills, report presentation, and speaking skills at seminars and conferences.
- Organizing picnics, participating in volunteer activities for students to have the opportunity to exchange and explore travel.
- Organize foreign film screenings (no Vietnamese voiceover) and then exchange members about the movie content, write personal comments about the watched movie.
- Build the club's own English bookcase.
- Organize competitions to sing English songs.

Hopefully the "PCTU Medical English Club" club will operate more and more effectively and attract more attention not only from medical students but also to attract other students of Phan Chau Trinh University.

Some pictures of the Club's activities

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