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Important considerations when applying for university admissions in 2022


"The 2022 admission regulations have many changes. Phan Chau Trinh University summarizes some important points. Candidates should carefully review them to avoid unfair rejections. Details are provided below.


Candidates who apply for admissions in any mode must register their preferences on the system of the Ministry of Education and Training or the National Public Service Portal for the common virtual filtering, even if the university has announced the fulfillment of admission requirements.


Candidates who have met the admission requirements for securing a spot at a particular university should prioritize placing that university as their first preference when registering on the Ministry of Education and Training's system. While it is possible to list other preferences as 2nd, 3rd, and so on, the chances of being admitted to that specific university will gradually decrease.


When registering, candidates need to pay attention to the school code, industry code, admission method code, and subject combination code.


Each candidate can only enroll 1 student in a single school. When applying for general admission on the system of the Ministry of Education and Training, the system will consider the order of your aspiration from 1st to nth. If you have been admitted in the first aspiration, the next candidates will NOT be considered. Otherwise, the system will consider the second aspiration and so on. Therefore, analyze carefully and arrange the order in a scientific way.


The registration period for preferences on the Ministry of Education and Training's system is from July 22, 2022, until 5:00 PM on August 20, 2022. During this time, candidates are allowed to make unlimited adjustments to their preferences


Regarding the admission fee:

Candidates are required to pay the admission fee online. Candidates only need to pay the admission fee online for the method of admission based on high school graduation exam scores (as instructed on the Ministry of Education and Training's preference registration system). For other admission methods, candidates should follow the instructions provided by the university for fee submission.

7 When registering for admission through methods other than the high school graduation exam scores on the university's system, candidates need to pay attention to using either their Citizen Identity Card  number or the identification code used for preference registration on the Ministry of Education and Training's system. In case candidates use the wrong number, they should contact the university immediately to update their information.
8 In 2022, for the first round of admissions, all candidates who are admitted must proceed with the online enrollment confirmation on the Ministry's system. Afterward, they need to go to the university to complete the enrollment process and submit the required documents as instructed. Candidates who are admitted but do not confirm their enrollment have the option to register for supplementary preferences if they wish. They should contact the university for further guidance.




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