What is the Department of Hospital Management?

Hospital management (hospital management) is a term referring to the management and operation of hospital resources such as hospital regulations, policies, regimes, law on examination and treatment, insurance, medical expertise. Health, human resources, financial resources, infrastructure, medical equipment, and management technology all make the hospital the best and most sustainable growth. In training, Hospital Management is a major of Business Administration (Business Administration).

A hospital manager must have a multifaceted understanding of both depth and depth and the ability to formulate a clear development strategy, and know how to monitor and evaluate growth. Functionally, hospital management is different from hospital administration. The hospital manager has the capacity to design strategy (strategy) development. Hospital administrators also deploy to execute strategies, build tactical (tactical) in the hospital business. In private hospitals (with or without profit), the position of the Hospital Director is called Chief Executive Officer (Chief Executive Officer). The CEO must be capable of managing many administrative positions under him, such as administrative, human resources, infrastructure management, business administration, financial management, and marketing management, sales management, cash flow management, market research. In a private hospital there is a need for an Executive Director position, but many administrative positions are required. There are many different levels of management in hospital administration: high-level administration, middle-level administration, and low-level administration. The senior management position in a hospital is called the Chief Operating Officer (COO = Chief Operating Officer), the middle position is called the Middle Management Manager (MMM = Middle Management Manager) and the low level person is the manager. low level (LMM = Lower Management Manager). The governance levels all have an organic and very close relationship through a standard operating system called S.O.P (Standards Operation Procedure). In public hospitals, operating on the basis of the state budget, these positions are structured within the organization of the HR administration. The private hospital is called the executive management. Thus, in a hospital, there are many management positions under the unified management from the hospital's CEO to make all these positions systematically, flexibly, with quality to achieve growth goals. According to the initial plan as well as creating a high social value.

In Vietnam, social health policy has helped investors to build many hospitals, general clinics, specialties, meaning that the resources invested in the private health sector are very large. but the growth value from this investment is very low. One of the most important causes is the lack of the role of hospital administrator and administrator properly to its private nature.

Bác sĩ Nguyễn Hữu Tùng
BS. Nguyen Huu Tung - Chairman of the Board of Directors

With over 20 years of experience, experience in creating, building and managing private health care, Dr. Nguyen Huu Tung - founder of Hoan My Medical Group and Mind Medical Group has always been concerned about opening a hospital management training branch to train a team of hospital administrators and administrators in accordance with the village. its professional qualities. The profession of Hospital Administration, which is a senior job in society, requires students to learn a lot of knowledge in many different fields, not only in the medical field. Their main task is how to build and manage a hospital most effectively, bring health to the patient, satisfy customers and the hospital is growing steadily. "Hospital management is an art of managing resources in the most effective way," he said. With dreams, vision and experience in managing effective medical groups for the past 20 years. The Faculty of Business Administration, specializing in Hospital Management of Phan Chau Trinh University, will be a high-quality training site for this industry, meeting increasingly in the role of hospital management, especially diseases. private investment institute.

Phan Chau Trinh University's degree program in business administration, majoring in hospital management, has been studied and structured from many programs of developed countries and especially the United States, Canada and Australia. These are countries with strong private health systems, requiring universities specializing in hospital management to have professional training, hospital management learning and practice started immediately. in the first year. Phan Chau Trinh University has an Institute - Medical School, so the university's hospital management training is similar to that of developed countries. There, the students of Hospital Management had immediate access to the environment of Tam Tri General Hospital, doctors, nurses, and hospital administrators at all levels during their learning period. That is the advantage that hardly any school in Vietnam has. The first 50 students in 2019 trained with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospital Management of Phan Chau Trinh University will be the typical nucleus for hospital managers and professional hospital administrators. Graduates can be recruited into the position of hospital CEO (CEO) or in administrative positions at different levels in the hospital such as COO (senior hospital administrator, middle management (MMM) ), or low-level (LMM) in departments in a hospital, or run a medical project, but all contribute to the steady development of the Vietnamese hospital system, contributing to the prosperity honor for the country.

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