The spread of the "One day doctor" program

Following the success of the previous phases, today on April 7, 2019, PCTU's "One day as a doctor" experience program welcomes students from Nguyen Binh Khiem specialized high schools (Quang Nam), Sao Nam High School (Quang Nam), Hoang Hoa Tham High School (Da Nang), Phan Chau Trinh High School (Da Nang).

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The special thing is that this program also has the participation of some first and second year medical students from other universities in Da Nang. What makes them interested is that the school's training program is very different, the standard training environment, quality, focusing on practical skills from the first semester and with participation in teaching. taught by foreign faculty members from prestigious medical universities in the world. And there was also the participation of some students from the schools that took place in the past weeks.

It can be seen that the meaning of PCTU's "One day doctor" experience program has spread and been welcomed by the community. This is the driving force for PCTU to do better for a good society.

In addition to visiting the hospital, learning environment, practicing careers and working in the future, they also have access to and experience the work of a doctor, nursing or testing technique. Future.

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Coming to the practice hospital (Tam Tri Da Nang General Hospital), the children witnessed every detail from cleaning to the organization of the hospital, medical examination and practical training activities of the home. school. A male freshman in General Physician from another school in Da Nang city said: “The school's practice hospital is very clean, neatly designed and there is a conference room for students. briefing practice, unlike other schools, students have to be self-sufficient… ”.

At the school, the students were led by teachers to visit the model room, the laboratory, the laboratory, the research center, the pre-clinical skill center, the virtual reality room - VR, the library ... In general, students are entitled to perform high-tech testing techniques, medical examination techniques, emergency resuscitation, obstetrics ... under the guidance of teachers and first-year medical students of the school. . And they also participate in the trial of medical lessons through VR virtual reality systems with visual simulation in 3-dimensional space such as: muscle contraction or movement of the chest, or heart rate, heart valve movement, red blood cell and platelet mechanism of action, how the body protects against virus attack, operating procedure at operating room and learning about human body ... Male student Participants added: “The teaching facilities of Phan Chau Trinh Medical University are very modern and advanced. In terms of learning, it is a favorable environment ”.

Breaking up with the children, I hope they will have a right direction for their future and try to study well to bring meaningful things to themselves and the community together with PCTU.

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