A Medical School located in a prime location of the University Village of Da Nang - Quang Nam, Phan Chau Trinh University (specializing in training in health such as general medicine, Teeth - Ham - Facial, Nursing, testing, management Hospital and English Department) and Tam Tri Medical Group, including 4 general hospitals in 4 cities and provinces across the country, merged into a system of Institute - School

It is both a training facility and a clinical internship facility for students of the school's health profession.

The four facilities are: - Tam Tri Da Nang Practice Hospital - PCTU

- Tam Tri Nha Trang Hospital - PCTU

- Saigon Mind Practice Hospital - PCTU

- Dong Thap Tam Tri Practice Hospital - PCTU.

And a Phan Chau Trinh clinic right on campus. The size of the hospital bed of the whole system is 800 boarding beds, the examination capacity is nearly 3,000 times / day, the hospital beds of Tam Tri hospital account for over 85% of the inpatients / day and one of the few training schools in the industry. In health science, there is a system of Institutes-affiliated schools including 4 Tam Tri general hospitals across the country (Tam Tri Da Nang General Hospital, Tam Tri Nha Trang General Hospital, Tam Tri Dong General Hospital Tower, Saigon Mind General Hospital) and 1 standard 300-bed general hospital right on campus - one of the core elements to create a team of doctors who are good at both expertise and skills clinical. THAT IS HOW HAS BEEN ADVANTAGED ANY MEDICAL TEACHING SCHOOL IN VIETNAM.

Parallel to the theoretical curriculum in class, basic sciences such as physiology, biochemistry, physics, practice room of autopsy, 3D anatomy ... Student Phan Chau Trinh is never boring bored with dry theory that instead of more than 70% of the time to experiment, study clinically and practice at the school hospital system right from the first semester.

Health Sciences students at Phan Chau Trinh University have the opportunity to choose a study area

There are no geographical boundaries, with the Institute-University system available nationwide, Phan Chau Trinh University students have the opportunity to choose a study area according to their wishes.

With a 2 + 4 study program, after completing the first 2 year study program with basic sciences: anatomy, chemistry, immunology, diagnosis ... and practical study at the Institute - Tam Tri Danang General Hospital, Phan Chau Trinh University Hospital, from the 3rd year onwards, students in the southwestern region of Ho Chi Minh City can register to study at the Institute - School of General Hospital. Tam Tri Sai Gon, Institute - Tam Tri Dong Thap General Hospital. Students in the Central - Central Highlands, South Central Coast and North can register to study at the Institute - Tam Tri Nha Trang General Hospital or anywhere in the Institute-School system to close to family, to change the environment of study, research and practice.

In addition, with technology 4.0 at Phan Chau Trinh University, teaching, learning and training are integrated 24/7/365, online system for online learning and self-study needs. at all times of students. There are no geographic and psychological boundaries in the interaction between doctors, teachers and students, creating conditions for them to confidently exchange, criticize, connect and cooperate. Proactively maximizing their potentials in the journey to access and apply knowledge to study and improve professional skills.

With a total of more than 800 patient beds, more than 3,000 patients / day, the system of the Institute - School of Tam Tri Medical Group - Phan Chau Trinh University is not only a place to study but also a place to guide the future of medical students in particular, and health sciences students in general.

Conditions of optimal clinical practice

Phan Van Bao Long, a medical student at Phan Chau Trinh University, said that at the beginning of the school year, the students received the first and second clinical practice plans. “When students come to practice, the The clinical subject has connected with practice facilities, so the process of clinical practice at medical facilities is very convenient, creating conditions for optimal practice. Being in contact with patients, working at the hospital bed with the guidance and guidance of the teachers is much better, in addition, the doctors participate in clinical teaching at The hospital is both a teacher of theory at the school, so there is a continuity between theory and practice, and the connection is easy to understand, ”Long shared.

Learning spaces open up opportunities for self-development

Since its establishment, Phan Chau Trinh University has chosen a different direction with the expectation that students will become global citizens, with differences from training philosophy, training model, training formula to its own cultural characteristics, thinking environment and future orientation of young people. Students at Phan Chau Trinh University not only have a firm grasp of their professional knowledge but also have a good command of foreign languages ​​and soft skills such as teamwork, negotiation, emotional intelligence ...

With the mission of providing global competitiveness for learners, contributing to expanding the country's intellectual realm. The school focuses on training in the form of close association with the hospital and many prestigious medical schools in the world such as Stanford University (USA), UCSF Medical University (USA), Oregon Medical University (USA ), Nova Southeastern University (USA) and Next Generation University (Canada) ... Phan Chau Trinh University's students are facilitated abroad to study by student exchange programs, study with teachers. foreign countries, internships, seminars, conferences, international cooperation activities ...


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Office in Danang: Tam Tri Hospital in Da Nang. Address: 64 Cach Mang Thang Tam - Cam Le District - City. Danang. Phone: 0976468220

Office in Nha Trang: Tam Tri Hospital in Nha Trang. Address: 57 Cao Thang - City. Nha Trang. Phone: 0349803880 

Office in HCMC: Saigon Mind Hospital. Address: 171 Truong Chinh - Tan Thoi Nhat Ward - District 12 - City. HCM City. Phone: 0386827767  

Office in Dong Thap: Dong Thap Tam Tri Hospital. Address: 700- Highway 30 - My Tan Commune - City. Cao Lanh - Dong Thap. Phone: 0971072349 



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