Student experience of being a doctor at Tran Cao Van High School

On the morning of March 24, 2019, in the career orientation activity for high school students, the students of Tran Cao Van High School had a one-day experience as a Doctor at Phan Chau Trinh University.

Here, the students visited Tam Tri Da Nang General Hospital, which is one of 5 practice facilities of Phan Chau Trinh University. The doctors of the hospital introduced them to the model of a hospital, a practice facility, the work of doctors, nursing staff ... so that they could better understand where they would learn internally. and work later. The more important thing is to arouse compassion in each student, feel the pain of the sick person. Since then, continue to nurture the dream of becoming good doctors in the future. Not only that, they ask a lot of questions for doctors to better understand the profession.

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At the same time, the teachers of PCTU were also introduced to the learning environment of medical students. Here, students have a chance to visit the infrastructure for teaching and learning such as: the surgery room, the cadaver room - practice on donor corpses, the school's CRAGB research center, and laboratories test and pre-clinical skill practice center, library Bui Duy Tam. As medical students, they have experienced the learning process of becoming a doctor or nurse or testing technique in the future.

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In particular, the students are also very interested in PCTU's VR Lab. They participate in medical lessons such as the mechanism of action of red blood cells, platelets, how the body protects against virus attacks, operating procedures in the operating room and learn about the human body ... through the system. VR system with visual simulation in 3-dimensional space.

At the end of the day of working as a doctor at PCTU, a student, Tran Thanh Long, grade 12/1 of High School shared: “This is the first time I wear a Blouse. Through experience, I feel very proud and feel the nobility and responsibility of the doctor. The school facilities are very modern and everything around (in the hospital as well as at the school) is very clean. Continuing to say, Nguyen Thi My Linh also shared, “I see the hospital's doctors and nursing brothers and sisters very attentively and attentively, completely different from other hospitals that I have been. come".

Although the time was not much, the program also left the children with many emotions. Hopefully, with what they experience in one day, they will help them have a clearer career orientation for their future.

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