Should not training in medicine is rampant

TTO - 'Need to develop a uniform training standard for medicine to ensure quality. In the meantime, do not allow schools to open up a field of widespread health, '' Dr. Nguyen Huu Tung said.


Universities should consider carefully what they open medical for and how to give true quality training. The doctor may be lacking but cannot fill with an uncertain, potentially volatile solution.

Doctor Nguyen Huu Tung - vice president of the Ho Chi Minh City Private Medical Practitioner Association - has such an opinion after reading the article `` A hundred flowers blooming '', warning of unpredictable consequences (Tuoi Tre January 12). Mr. Tung used to work in hospitals and is currently the president of a university with medical training.

* In your opinion, what should be done to ensure the quality of medical training?

- The Ministry of Health plans to hold a practice certificate exam. That is the necessary deterrent step to somewhat control who has the right to be a doctor. However, this has many potential risks when there is no effective training quality control solution, and there is no uniform standard for medical training. If the 6-year practitioner does not pass the practicing certificate, who will be responsible?

Medical training in Vietnam is different from developed countries, such as the US. In the US, there are areas where doctors are also very short, but that is why they lower standards. Most medical training universities are multidisciplinary schools.

However, their output standards as well as their training process are largely the same, unified nationwide. Anyone can apply to study medicine if they graduate from a 4-year bachelor's degree and pass the serious entrance examination process with many criteria: entrance exam, bachelor's degree program review, essay writing why choose medicine , with professors introduced and finally direct interviews with the school.

The purpose of this process is to find someone who is qualified and really wants to become a doctor.

If admitted to medical school, after finishing year 2, students must take the first medical practice certificate to gain further study. After finishing year 4, students must take the 2nd medical practice certificate exam, gain recognition as a general practitioner.

However, they are still unable to practice. They are required to take the hospital inpatient exam, study for 2-4 years, then take the 3rd medical practice certificate, pass the resident doctor in the hospital; can then be entitled to 50% of the salary, which is prescribed but must be supervised by an instructor. After completing the permanent residency program, they have to take a practice certificate exam to become a full-fledged medical doctor.

I know that there are universities in Vietnam that have applied this American training program to medical training in Vietnam. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a uniform standard assessment process, and to control the quality of the training process for all medical training schools. At that time, the quality of medical training will be ensured.

*In the context of not having unified quality standards, what solution to ensure quality, sir?

- The hospital is a prerequisite when opening the medical profession, because the time spent in hospital accounts for about 60% of the total training time. Therefore, to open the medical profession, the school must have a hospital first.

In order to train a qualified doctor, they must have a lot of clinical training in a hospital. There must be a process to coordinate with the hospital to ensure that students are guided by doctors - faculty of the school clinically at the hospital and supervised this, not the type of "bringing children to market", bringing students to disease. and leave them with guidance and training in knowledge and skills or not. Without doing these things, the quality of training cannot reach the standard.

The weakest point in the current medical training is the practice of skills because the hospital lacks the guidance of doctors, the school does not have a team of trainers working at the hospital.

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