The COVID-19 pandemic created the largest education system disruption in history, affecting nearly 1.6 billion learners, or 94 percent worldwide, at all educational levels. more than 190 countries. It has created many changes in education at home and abroad. From being passive when forced to close schools in bulk, education systems in other countries as well as in Vietnam have gradually built up a state of teaching and learning in a new normal state, with the foundation being the form of teaching and learning. the application of information and communication technology. In it, teachers, parents and students change to adapt to the circumstances. In the near future, the Ministry of Education and Training (the Ministry of Education and Training) is completing and preparing to issue a Circular on Training Regulations at the university level, including the content of online teaching.

 When the form of online teaching is officially put into regulations, circulars, how will universities and schools be deployed?


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Phan Chau Trinh University approach and apply

Phan Chau Trinh University offers many disciplines, but pays a lot of attention to the health and hospital administration, the curriculum is heavy in both theory and practice at the hospital. In addition to investing in infrastructure and technology, both qualitative and quantitative faculty resources to meet PCTU's specialized curriculum like medicine are very important. Many lecturers on-site, but also many excellent and excellent ones at medical universities, major hospitals in the country, or abroad such as the United States, France, Italy, Sweden, and Korea were invited. participate in teaching as well as doing scientific research at the same school since the beginning. When the epidemic broke out and broke out in Wuhan-China in December 1919, the school's administrators foresaw a possible difficulty in teaching the traditional or so-called "onsite" teaching to university students. if the epidemic spreads rapidly. So how must the study program be continuous, uninterrupted, how to seamlessly flow medical knowledge from faculty to students because it will lose medical emotions and lose it. In learning, is the rebuilding after that easy or does it take a while? The Board of Directors focused on discussing the policy of supplementing online infraconstruction in medicine and investment projects that were carefully researched and referenced from the beginning of January, 2020, to the beginning of February .2020 schools. this teaching and learning method has been put into application. The school encourages students to approach and familiarize themselves with new teaching methods. Instead of medical students going to their motels waiting for the translation to end and the lecturers returning to the school to continue teaching in the traditional way, the school encouraged students to stay at the school to continue learning and learning through this online tool.

Difficulties and challenges in implementing online teaching

Applying information and communication technology, in addition to investing in high-speed Internet connection, the school also invests in two bridges for teaching and learning. The lecturer bridge is located in Ho Chi Minh City, with modern technology equipment such as: American studio / online equipment with modern equipment: camera automatically finds the position of the teacher, the board High interactive teaching, strong white light is strong enough to bring the image of the teacher to the student on the other end. The teaching room is soundproofed, no noise, and has a separate control room in charge of IT staff to assist teachers during the teaching. The Student Bridge Room located at the Medical School of Phan Chau Trinh University also has modern hardware and software equipment such as Cisco Webex software synchronized with the standard sound-accentuated lecturers and classrooms. Both bridgeheads have teaching assistant (TA), teaching assistants, and teaching assistants who have dominant information technology and medical knowledge, and students are teaching assistants who are assistant teachers who understand the application. information and communication technology to help students interact easily with teachers and assist teachers in discussions and presentations.

When approaching a new teaching method, it always creates two-way reactions between students and teachers in this period, for young students, access to technology is easy, but for lecturers, who have long been accustomed to traditional teaching, the lack of confidence, reducing direct interaction with students is an obstacle, especially with the particular medical disciplines, the clinical study occupies 70% of the time studying in the training program ...

For Phan Chau Trinh Medical University, after nearly a year of catching up and applying online teaching, with the results achieved, the school can completely confirm that applying online learning in the current context is preferable. and achieve certain effects. The basis to confirm this is that the school always researches and invests in modern support tools suitable for online learning, in addition, the strength of the medical training Phan Chau Trinh is the Institute model. - School: The system of Tam Tri hospitals across the country is the basis of clinical practice of medical students Phan Chau Trinh. In other words, the institute-university model has the same investment and management subject as Phan Chau Trinh Medical University and the training program structure of 70% of the 6-year study time of medical students is In the hospital, it is highly feasible to apply online learning for the remaining 30% for theory, even PCTU medical students can do online learning of the theory without concentration, except Clinical practice is required.

However, after these results, we find that the biggest difficulty and limitation in this method of distance communication is that in terms of lectures, online teaching needs to be more invested. Compact curriculum, schematic lecture combined with illustration, reasoning and logic, how to turn the complex knowledge, process plus teaching experience of the teacher into a simple but sufficient lecture. that teachers need to convey to students or in other words, if you want to study online well and achieve optimal efficiency, the lectures must be E-learning - this is considered the biggest obstacle for lecturers. medicine until now.

In the 4.0 revolution, the application of technology to teaching is absolutely necessary, especially the combination of online teaching in the context of the epidemic which is still unfinished. The development of online teaching method will make teachers and students, even though they are far apart, still have emotional interaction, not much different from traditional teaching methods, and then it is an indispensable familiar tool in medical teaching. contribute to building the quality of doctors who graduate from school is still as good as the desire of the society. Medical Phan Chau Trinh University continues to apply and develop this method, considering it as a teaching method in the health science of the school.


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