Đăng ký tham quan
liberating education
The liberating education program is a complete solution to train people who are free, and have the morality and capability to self-release their full potentials to solve problems throughout their lives. At Phan Chau Trinh University, students are not only equipped for a specific job, but also get to improve in all aspects to become balanced, self-aware and completely comprehend others.
Bridging programs for undergraduate students employ the same teaching materials as the full time one. The value of credits transferred and credits exempted are based on the previous study ...
Students with Bachelor degrees in Accounting and Finance shall have strong professional skills and work ethics awareness. The program equips students with










Why choose
The goal of the school is to build a prestigious university--that delivers a quality education with a focus on real-world practice--and also meets the quality accreditation standards of the Ministry of Education and Training and International Affairs.
Years of Formation and Development
Twelve Years
Offering specialized training
Students - Graduates every year
m2 Total area
Bùi Thị Mỹ Dung
Lớp 19XN1
Bài cảm nhận khi đi trực tại bệnh viện vào mùa dịchCâu chuyện đi trực vào mùa covid 19. Đây là những suy nghĩ của riêng bản thân em một sinh viên năm nhất chuyên ngành xét nghiệm y học, đang học tại trường ĐH Phan Châu Trinh . Khi có lịch phân công đi trực em rất háo hức nhưng cũng rất lo ngại trước tình hình dịch bệnh đang diễn biến ngày càng phức tạp, mặt khác em lại cảm thấy ...
Bùi Thị Mỹ Dung
Mr Le Vo Thanh Tong
Student's parents Le Vo Thanh Tung 18YK1
“Với tư cách là phụ huynh, ngay từ đầu đưa cháu nhập học cũng hơi lo lắng, nhưng đến thời điểm này thì quá an tâm rất tin tưởng, dụng cụ học tập, giáo án học tập bài bản, sự giảng dạy của tận tình”.
Mr Le Vo Thanh Tong
Doctor Tran Trong Danh
Student's parents  TRẦN NGỌC LAN ANH 18YK1
“Satisfaction with the curriculum and teaching method of the school is different from the previous time I studied. The school focused more on their practical skills, since 1st year, students were exposed to the internship environment. the hospital, I learned a lot in year 1, the same as my 3rd year, I used to study in the first and second years of junior high, only theoretical, there is no concept of hospital, no clinical concept . Right from the first year, my children have been tested for ...
Doctor Tran Trong Danh
Le Thi My Hanh
Class 12/5 - THPT Nguyễn Duy Hiệu – Điện Bàn town
"For me, this trip helped me learn a bit more about medicine, get hands-on experience, direct contact with many models, modern machines and practice with us. Good for us. And the devotion of the teachers and the teachers helped us a lot during the process. I find that day really meaningful and extremely rewarding! "
Le Thi My Hanh
Doctor Nguyen Thai Nguyen
student's parents NGUYỄN THỊ TÂM GIAO - 18YK1
 "Good environment, many new things compared to other universities, enthusiastic teachers, close teaching with students, the program is not too pressure on students".
Doctor Nguyen Thai Nguyen