Nursing is one of the professions that is important to life. Should I study nursing for my own future? And is it difficult to learn nursing? This is the question of many young people standing on the threshold of life. This depends on a lot of different factors.

If you also wonder about nursing career, read this article right away. We will help you get the most suitable answer.

How does nursing work?

Social development leads to increased human needs. Medical services also became more important. In recent years, nursing is the hottest HOT industry in the medical industry. What is this job?

Nursing is the name of a discipline within the health workforce training system. This industry group plays a particularly important role in health care.

The main responsibility of the nurse is to check and care for the patient during treatment. From there, make sure to minimize the risks of improper care.


What do nursing school graduate do?

When studying in any industry, career opportunities are the most concerned issue. When you finish studying nursing, you can do the following jobs.

Take care, monitor the patient's condition throughout the treatment and recovery process. Depending on the medical field, this job may differ slightly.

Nurses also carry the responsibility of counseling patients. At the same time, the treatment method and plan will be used.

It can be seen that the nurse is someone who has direct and strong communication with the patient. Therefore, they can clearly grasp the wishes, the condition as well as the difficulties of the patient. From there, report the recovery situation and the necessary information to the doctor most accurately.

The importance of nursing

The role of nursing to society

For society, the nursing industry is the bridge between the patient and the doctor. Thanks to nursing, these two subjects can easily understand and connect with each other. From there, increase the effectiveness of treatment to the maximum.

In addition, nursing also helps a lot in taking care of the patient during the recovery process. From there, avoid unnecessary mistakes or complications.

The role of the nursing industry in the development of medicine

It can be seen that the nurses are the closest, direct contact with the patient. Therefore, they can fulfill the following tasks well:

Monitoring the patient's recovery after treatment.

Recognize the positive / negative effects of treatment on the patient.

Evaluate the patient's response to medications.

From there, record and report back to treating doctors and researchers. This is one of the important factors influencing the development of different treatment therapies.


Should we study nursing for our own future?

At the present time, nursing is a very HOT industry for young people. However, many people still cannot help but worry about the growth potential of this industry.

To know whether to learn nursing or not, take a look at the amazing benefits of nursing learners.

The benefits of studying nursing

  • Job opportunities for the nursing industry are very high.
  • The income level of a nurse with 3 years of experience is currently about 10 million.
  • This is a high salary compared to the general level of the profession.
  • Once your nursing studies are completed, you can choose to work in a variety of settings.
  • Currently, the demand for human resources for the nursing industry in foreign countries is huge. As a result, nurses have many opportunities to work and settle abroad.

Should we study nursing?

It can be seen that nursing is truly a wonderful discipline. It gives learners a lot of benefits. At the same time, ensure many good job opportunities after graduation.

If you intend to learn nursing, this is the time to start.

So is it difficult to learn nursing?

Nursing is an industry that does not require natural qualities or is too smart and excellent. The success factor of the nursing industry is the passion for medicine and bringing good values ​​to patients in particular and society in general. Therefore, admission to nursing industry is not high but requires learners to improve their knowledge and skills both during study and work.

Regarding the admission method for nursing: Universities and colleges will be recruiting B00 (Mathematics - Chemistry - Biology), A00 (Math, Physics, Chemistry), B03 (Math, Biology, Literature ), C02 (Culture, Chemistry, Math) or some schools can consider the candidate's report.

As mentioned, nursing industry does not require you to be natural or too smart, but to have a lot of medical knowledge and soft skills. Such as knowledge of drugs, skills for accurate assessment, always listening and monitoring patients' diseases. In addition, nurses also need to practice calmness to solve all problems, compassion to be able to understand and care for patients in each situation, flexible working time, always careful to ensure ensure the patient's health and life.

The curriculum of nursing students at each school and facility will be slightly different, but here are some basic contents including:

  • Practice holistic health education and care.
  • Make a plan and organize the implementation of the patient care process.
  • Use drugs safely and properly.
  • Organize the good implementation of physician's orders.
  • Coordinate with physicians to care for the health of the sick.
  • Participate in disease prevention and early detection of local diseases.
  • Proposing coordinated measures to prevent epidemics.
  • Apply Information Technology to Patient Care Engineering.
  • Understand health care policy, finance and environmental standards.
  • Practicing professional communication and coordination skills to improve patient care efficiency.
  • Implementation of disease prevention skills in clinical and in the community; Join in training and scientific research.

Where to study nursing?

Currently, there are many training addresses for nursing industry across the country. But choosing a prestigious, quality school to attend is not a simple matter because you have to consider the curriculum, facilities, internships, medical staff, teachers. ….


Diverse curriculum

Realizing the common needs of students, Phan Chau Trinh University builds a diverse curriculum and practice that is extremely flexible.

High quality training

Phan Chau Trinh University has facilities, practice hospital including Tam Tri Medical Group with 4 campuses in Da Nang, Nha Trang, Saigon and Dong Thap, which will bring new things to the students. . In addition, the lecturers here are also well-known in their fields. From there, bringing a training program with the highest quality today.

Job opportunities upon graduation

Phan Chau Trinh University will commit to support jobs for nursing students, after graduation, 100% will be accepted to work at the Mind Medical Group across the country.


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