Business Administration


On 07/07/2015, Phan Chau Trinh University obtained approval by the Ministry of Education and Training by the Decision No. 2355/QĐ-BGDĐT to deliver a full time course of Business Administration specializing in Hospitality Management and started the recruitment since 2015.

Goals of the Business Administration program:

- Provide restaurant and hotel knowledge and skills such as room management, staff management, customer communication, event preparation, risk resolution, knowledge of food and beverage and other products used at the hotel, knowledge of multi-national culture, residence law, ...

- Provide students with knowledge of enterprise administration, marketing management, human resource management, restaurant and hotel management, tourism and service management;

- Be able to apply specialized theories into practice, analyze and process information to forecast the direction of market development and facilitate the management skill;

- Be able to analyze, identify, forecast and recommend risk management solutions in an unsustainable business environment;

- Have relevant social knowledge & skills, be able to work independently and in team, be able to use English at work, in study and research.

Program structure

-    Name of the program:    Business Administration

-     Program Code:     7340101

-     Major: Hospitality Management

-     Level:  Undergraduate

-    Study mode:   Full time

-     Program duration: 4 years

-     Number of credits:     121 

The Business Administration curriculum is distributed into 8 semesters, including modules:


Career prospects

- Graduates are responsible for the professional work of reception management, room management, food management, human resource management, resort management, marketing in restaurants - hotels, culinary culture,…and skills in dealing with situations and incidents related to hotel operations arise in reality.

- Manager or specialist working in the following fields such as front office - reception, room, food, kitchen, conference banquet, personnel, financial - accounting, business - marketing, administration, human resources, finance, marketing, ... at resorts, hotels, entertainment facilities
- Executives, marketing, personnel, finance in tourism research and business domestic and outbound agencies

Admission requirements

In 2018 PCTU calls for applications in Business Administration, by 2 modes of selection:



a. For selection based on the national High school graduation examination: applicants register their designated course on the form of the national examination. The paperwork and deadline are determined by the Ministry of Education and Training. Applicants must quote the school code of DPC, and the program codes by their selected priority order. After the examination result comes out, applicants shall submit their original copy of the scorecard to the University to complete the admission

b. For selection based on High school transcript of result, those documents are required:

- Admission registration form. Applicants can collect the form at the University, or download from its website.

- A copy of the High school graduation certificate, or a copy of a temporary certificate (if they graduate in 2018).

- A copy of the High school transcript of result.


By the regulations on admission fee by the Ministry of Education & Training, and by the rules of PCTU Admission committee, if there are private rules


- Planned tuition for the school year of 2018 - 2019: 5.5 million VND/term.

- Tuition fee raise roadmap is according to the regulations of Phan Chau Trinh University.

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